Events (Dublin & Wicklow)

Rathmines, Dublin

The Art of Decision Making

Making decisions is an integral part of our lives, yet we can take this freedom to make our own decisions for granted. How often do we reflect on what motivates our decisions? Why do we sometimes find decision making a difficult process?...

Sat, Jan 14th at 3.00pm

On the Beauty of the Soul

In times of adversity and contradictions Plotinus invites us to actively pursue beauty as a means of building harmony within ourselves and with others. For him beauty wasn't merely a question of our physique...

Sat, Nov 19th at 3.00pm

What are the causes of the disillusion and chaos in the world?

What are our individual and collective responsibilities in the face of it?

Sat, Nov 19th at 4.00pm

The Irish Renaissance

An insight into the historical role played by Irish Monastic culture in safeguarding and transmitting the knowledge that ushered in our modern era. What lead to the decline of ancient civilization and the emergence of the Dark Ages?

Sat, Nov 19th at 5.00pm

Past Events

Bray, Wicklow