The Alchemy of Paul Klee

Paul Klee was a Swiss-born German artist, who lived from 1879 - 1940. He is regarded today as one of the giants of early 20th Century modern art, alongside contemporaries [...]

Roman Home for Christmas

The austerity of winter has always had a profound impact on populations living in temperate climates. This may explain the popularity of Sun-worship rituals and the diffusion of megalithic structures [...]

Buddhism and the Five Aggregates

Buddhism suggests that by understanding all aspects of ourselves, referred to as the aggregates, we can then control and direct ourselves to practice ‘karma yoga’ - an action which causes [...]

The 12 Days of Yule

If you ever wondered why there are ‘12 days of Christmas’, the answer most likely lies in the pagan celebration of the solstice, known as Yule. The word Yule is [...]