Online Talk: The Art of Living by Epictetus

Epictetus asks the question “what is within my control and what is not?” He invites us to question the nature of things and events, to put things into perspective and [...]

The Celts

An ancient civilisation at the root of Irish culture. Discover their ways and society; how they ruled, the importance of the warrior, the druid and the feminine, their vision of [...]

Greek Mythology & Personal Transformation

Greek Mythology has inspired countless stories and tales of heroism, adventure and of discovery. But what is the purpose of mythology? What can we understand beyond the stories that will [...]

Martin Luther King

The Civil Rights movement was a defining chapter in American history which inspired the world. Though it was a collective effort its beating heart was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; [...]

Where Does It All Begin

A look at the origins and meaning of life from the perspectives of Science, Philosophy and Mythology "The question where we come from is as old as humanity. Different traditions [...]

The Fear of Success

It is unusual to talk about the fear of success given that today’s world values success above all else. But perhaps because we worship success it is appropriate to talk […]