Course in Philosophy for Living

Inspired by Philosophies of East and West

It is by practising the universal values of philosophy that we can deeply transform ourselves and turn our ideas into action.

The practice of philosophy develops self-confidence, moral strength and resilience to face the difficulties and crises of life. It allows us to become an actor of change in our lives and around us.

More than an academic course, Philosophy for Living teaches students how to practice philosophy as a way of life. As such, the course offers a series of theoretical and practical classes to progress in self-knowledge. This allows us to bring the timeless values of philosophy to bear in the face of our daily circumstances.

This methodology has been universally proposed throughout history as a means of awakening individual authenticity and developing a better way of living together. Only as individuals can we together improve the future, today.


14 classes

Classes take place once a week, from 7.30 pm to 8:45 pm (“Google Meet” online link)

First class FREE, then € 120 (€ 80 concession) to enrol

Open to all, no prior knowledge of philosophy necessary

The course will start online and will continue in our centres when permitted by government guidelines

This course is followed by further levels for those who wish to progress


To know yourself and to live your values

  • What is Philosophy

    Philosophy as a way of life. How to recognize and develop human values.

  • Plato and the Myth of the Cave

    Freedom and Responsibility. Develop autonomy in our thoughts and actions.

  • India and the teachings of Bhavagad Gita

    Symbolism of the Bhagavad Gita. Approach to inner conflict.

  • Buddhism - suffering and consciousness

    The art of letting go and the middle way.

  • Tibetan Mysticism

    The path of wisdom and “The Voice of the Silence”. The value of introspection and reflection.

  • Socrates and the way to Happiness




  • How to improve society?

    To act with ideals in a changing world.

  • Relations between Individual and Society

    Individual and collective ideals. To see and imagine our personal life in the midst of the uncertainty and transition of our societies.

  • Education

    Education as a path of transformation. What have we learned from our experiences?

  • Interdependence

    Combining autonomy and solidarity as a model of society.



  • Philosophy of History

    Past experience as a driving force of future development.

  • Myths and archetypes: re-inspiring the world

    The role of imagination in the process of becoming: myth and history.

  • Historical Cycles and evolution

  • Historical perspectives: towards a new Renaissance

The course includes a practical dimension to learn how to apply what we have understood: 

  • exercises on concentration, attention, memory, imagination
  • the management of the body, energies and emotions
  • awareness of habits.


The achievement of harmony between thought, feeling and action is a goal for every human being.

Balanced and all-round development of oneself, and the actualization of the best qualities and values of our human nature, are probably the only guarantee of moving towards a better world.


Members of the New Acropolis Ireland team with over 30 years of experience teaching philosophy in a friendly and participative environment.

Our instructors are passionate and experienced philosophers who, as volunteers, share their experience of living philosophy.

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