Course commences on Thursday May 2nd at 7.30pm and Saturday May 4th at 10.30am (option to attend one or the other session each week).

Transform your ideas into actions through an education in active philosophy

The great philosophical teachings of East & West explain that we can’t change the world if we don’t change ourselves. It is through the practice of universal values that we can profoundly transform ourselves by putting our ideas into action.

Practical philosophy helps develop self-confidence, moral strength and resilience, to face the difficulties and crises of everyday life. It allows us to become protagonists of change in our lives and in our environment.

Beginner’s Course in Active Philosophy

The weekly course is a dynamic introduction to the theory and practice of active philosophy to get to know yourself and learn to face many different circumstances in life without forgetting the art of living with others.

Accessible to everyone, we learn how to practice the teachings of the great philosophers of East and West in our daily lives.


Duration: 4 classes (once a week)

Fee: €60


THE INNER BATTLE (Wisdom of Ancient India in the Bhagavad Gita)

Understanding the timeless conflict of the Human Being
An eastern perspective on overcoming one’s own limitations
Dharma, Karma, Reincarnation
Face your fears, engage your inner battle, become who you are

BEING HAPPY (Socrates)

What is happiness for you? How to be happy in today’s world?
The relationship between suffering and consciousness
Socratic dialogue, an invaluable methodology of reflection
The Practice of Virtues, development of moral character

COLLECTIVE LIVING (The Social and Political Philosophy of Confucius)

Harmonious Co-existence; the Art of Living Together Better
Justice in the Collectivity, Ethics in the Individual
The Rational Order of Li, Confucian political principals and their application
Awakening our sense of Civic Responsibility, being part of a whole, Connecting with Others

ON FREEDOM (Timeless Advice of the Great Stoic Philosophers)

What is Freedom? What does is mean to be free?
What is in our control and what is not?
Philosophical Freedom, autonomy and independence
To act freely, regardless of external circumstance