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Values in daily life.

Facing adversity and crisis with courage.

The Socratic method as a path of self-realisation.

Happiness as an inner state of mind.

Course in Philosophy for Living

Socrates and the path to happiness is one of the topics in our course Philosophy for Living.

This course offers a series of theoretical and practical classes to progress in self-knowledge.

This allows us to bring the timeless values of philosophy to bear in the face of our daily circumstances as a means of awakening individual authenticity and developing a better way of living together.

According to Socrates, the highest good was not something to possess, but an inner happiness or Eudaimonia. Although Socrates lived in times of uncertainty, war and a change in social systems, he remained an example of authenticity, humour and happiness despite the contradictions of the time.

What can we learn from Socrates about being happy today?