New Acropolis Ireland Philosophy Culture Volunteering
New Acropolis Ireland Philosophy Culture Volunteering

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Philosophies of East and West Course

Thursday 21st May at 7.30pm & Saturday 23rd May at 10.30am

Philosophy Course

The Active Philosophy Course is a programme designed to explore the philosophical teachings from some of the major schools of philosophy across the world in a comparative context. With an emphasis on the practical, the course seeks to take inspiration from these teachings and integrate them into contemporary daily life.

The aim of this formational philosophy course is to better know ourselves and to activate our inner potential. Choosing a philosophical approach gives new meaning and direction to life. With the practical exercises, which will be integrated into the weekly classes, we seek to develop philosophical attitudes and behaviour by harmonising the hand, the heart and the head.

We learn to see the best in ourselves and in those around us, and to conquer our fears. We learn to better listen to others and to extract the essential from what they are saying. We transform the theory into practise and the practise into... Find out more

Course fee: €160\€120 (under 26, students, unemployed, seniors)
Duration: 16 classes (once a week)
Where: 43 Lower Rathmines Road

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Philosophies of East and West

Free Public Talk - Stones of Time: Newgrange & Angkor W(h)at?!

Saturday 23rd May at 3pm


Angkor Wat

Come join us on a journey of discovery through one of Asia’s most remarkable Temple complexes, and one of Ireland's most impressive stone structures.

Newgrange: Its location, astronomical alignments and artwork, what do they symbolize? Who built the complex, and why? What is the significance of Newgrange today?

Angkor W(h)at: Who were the people that built it, and what might have inspired them to do so? What does it look like today, and what can we still learn from it?

In these presentations, we will be exploring some of the history, mythology, architecture, symbolical meaning and artwork of these enigmatic and ancient places.

3.00pm - Stones of Time: Newgrange
4.15pm - Angkor W(h)at?!

To find our more please click here.

Where: 43 Lower Rathmines Road


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