New Acropolis Ireland Philosophy Culture Volunteering
New Acropolis Ireland Philosophy Culture Volunteering

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World Philosophy Day - FREE PUBLIC TALK

Saturday 22nd November, starts at 3pm
evening courses
Created in 2002 by UNESCO, this global event celebrates philosophy as an indispensable tool for individual and cultural development.

In Ireland, New Acropolis has worked for over 25 years to give a renewed impetus to philosophy as a practice for all, a means to sharpen and refine our thoughts and actions in a spirit of tolerance and openness.

The importance of this social aspect of philosophy is highlighted clearly in the proposed theme from UNESCO: Learning To Live Together Better.

It is in that spirit that we invite you to the following activities:

3.00pm: The teachings of Confucius
4.00pm: At Art of Human Relationships
5.00pm: Solidarity through Volunteering

Join us for these lively and practical talks to explore how we can live together better.


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