Further Courses


This subject is the continuation of Ethics from the Introduction course.
It gives some theoretical and practical bases for a better self knowledge and self mastery, in order to better express the potential of our inner being. How we answer the question ‘who we are and what we may be’ will shape and influence almost every individual and collective decision we make. This course is a practical and theoretical exploration of our ‘psyche’ and its faculties: consciousness, attention, memory, imagination, will, etc. The timeless maxim “Know thyself” and how we can develop our potential and master ourselves are the keynotes of this course, which includes practical exercises for self-development.


This subject is the continuation of Philosophy of History from the Introduction course and runs in parallel with the other two subjects.
It attempts to answer our questions about the enigma of life through the study of the laws of nature transmitted by the Wisdoms of the East and West. We take a look at the bigger questions of life, approaching them from the wisdom traditions of East and West: the enigma of ‘God’, the structure of the universe, the stages of human evolution, the comparative study of religions, the schools of perennial philosophy throughout the ages and teachings regarding the subtle bodies of the human being that have been recognised in many traditional schools of medicine.


This subject is the continuation of Sociopolitics from the Introduction course.
The aim of this subject is to show how the timeless wisdom can be applied in the here and now and help us find solutions to our individual and collective challenges.


  • Moral Philosophy
  • Oratory
  • Philosophy of Science
  • History of Religions
  • History of Philosophy (4 levels)
  • Symbology of Civilisations

Our philosophy is a philosophy of action, on all the planes to which the consciousness can have access.