Before volunteering was ever a thing, traditions of the ancient world developed the value of solidarity. They understood that we’re all in this together so naturally, we should be looking out for each other. The concept of volunteering as we understand it today is more recent but it follows the same idea.

As citizens, we want to share the best of what we have to offer for the benefit of the collective experience of human beings. Volunteering is about activating our will (voluntas being the Latin for will) so that we can act in our community and choose to have a meaningful, positive impact in the world around us.

New Acropolis provides a space where these values of solidarity, tolerance and responsibility are cultivated, resulting in an active sense of citizenship and a natural expression of human values. This culture of volunteering forms part of the philosophical education promoted by New Acropolis.

Through volunteering, members and friends of New Acropolis around the world express their social commitment through humanitarian actions, social and educational projects, ecological and heritage restoration activities, organised by the association itself or in cooperation with other organisations and many international NGOs. For the natural philosophy on which New Acropolis bases its principles, human beings are not the owners of nature, but part of it. New Acropolis Ireland works in coordination with the City Council to actively maintain the cleanliness of our nearest stretch of the canal, from Portobello bridge to Harold’s Cross bridge. One Sunday a month, a team of volunteers spend a couple of hours working together to remove litter from the water and surrounding area. The objective is not merely statistical, to reach a quota of bags filled, but rather to experience the spirit of volunteering the best of ourselves, at the service of the community and in the company of others, to share in that experience and learning.