The philosophy promoted by New Acropolis is, above all, a way of life that is accessible to all and consists of putting into practice the teachings of the wise men and women of all times.

If philosophy, as a search for the truth, manages to bring us closer to the root of things, to their deepest cause, everything takes on a new meaning.

It is important to know why we act, who we want to benefit with our actions, and what we want to achieve.

This is a practical philosophy, that helps people to live in harmony with others, to accept what one is and to fight for what one wants to be.

Importance of education

We offer a complete, humanistic and holistic education that empowers human beings to give direction to their own lives and make an effective contribution to their communities.

Education through philosophy is our new and original approach, which actualises and enriches the potential qualities of each individual.

Most forms of education that are offered today are specialised and, therefore, partial in their approach.

In N.A. we propose an integral education, which combines and unifies all the branches of knowledge, “learning how to live”.

Philosophical education allows us to discover the meaning of life, its causes and its aims. This kind of knowledge is always beneficial for the human being.

Our educational work involves both the individual and society. When individuals broaden their knowledge, they gain greater confidence and trust in themselves, they develop their ability to be themselves and to face the difficulties of life calmly.

If human beings achieve confidence, clarity of vision and trust in themselves, they can give that back to society.