Hermes Trismegistus and the Wisdom of the Kybalion

A treasure of antiquity, a cornerstone of the Italian Renaissance and a source of deep wisdom to this day, Hermeticism presents a vision of life that is both universal and practical. But who was the enigmatic master of wisdom, Hermes Trismegistus?

Buddhism and Science

The Dharma of Science – A New Metaphor of Nature Scientists over the last few decades have started to rediscover a new vision of life, similar to the idea of Dharma, which the Buddhists talked about thousands of years ago. This new vision is one where there is an underlying unity and intelligence within and […]

Initiation and the Master-Disciple Relationship, by Blavatsky

In her book “The Voice of the Silence”, the esotericist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky transmits to us a singular method: that of initiation, as it was practiced in the pre-Buddhist tradition. This spiritual path is that of the “inner voice”, of that which can only be heard by the inner being. It leads to the abandonment […]

Epitectus – The Art of Living

Epictetus asks the question “what is within my control and what is not?” He invites us to question the nature of things and events, to put things into perspective and learn to discern what is essential from what is not. One thing he proposes is to accept the reality of life so we can learn […]

Synchronicity & Karma

Pioneered by CG Jung, Synchronicity helps us to understand the meaning behind apparently unrelated events. Such phenomena can allow us to perceive the web of life that connects all things, beyond the rational.


We feel that life is short or that we never have enough time. Seneca asks the question, “but how much time do you waste?”. Leaving aside tips and tricks for time management, the Stoic philosopher presents our issues with “racing against the clock” as a moral question – so how can we prioritise our time […]

Buddhism and Stoicism

Historically, in an unstable and impermanent world, schools of philosophy have sought answers and solutions to manage troubled times and allow the human being to regain their inner stability. In today’s world that has become unstable, in part because of COVID-19, Buddhism and Stoicism are proposing a converging inner path.

Socrates – The search for happiness in times of change

According to Socrates, the highest good was not something to possess, but an inner happiness or Eudaimonia. Although Socrates lived in times of uncertainty, war and a change in social systems, he remained an example of authenticity, humour and happiness despite the contradictions of the time. What can we learn from Socrates about being happy […]

Tao Te Ching – Chinese Wisdom for Today

Lao Tzu together with Confucius and Buddha is considered to be one of the three great Chinese spiritual leaders, and is attributed with writing the mysterious Tao Te Ching. The Tao Te Ching describes that the path to self-mastery is achieved by effortless action – the union of opposites which is also fundamental to Martial […]