Online Talk: The Art of Living by Epictetus

Epictetus asks the question “what is within my control and what is not?” He invites us to question the nature of things and events, to put things into perspective and [...]

Online Talk: Wisdom of Ancient Ireland

All ancient cultures reflect in their vision of life an understanding of the human being and the universe. From myths and symbols to the way they governed themselves, how did [...]

Online Talk: Synchronicity & Karma

Pioneered by CG Jung, Synchronicity helps us to understand the meaning behind apparently unrelated events. Such phenomena can allow us to perceive the web of life that connects all things, [...]

Online Talk: Seneca

We feel that life is short or that we never have enough time. Seneca asks the question, “but how much time do you waste?”. Leaving aside tips and tricks for [...]

Online Talk: Buddhism and Stoicism

Historically, in an unstable and impermanent world, schools of philosophy have sought answers and solutions to manage troubled times and allow the human being to regain their inner stability. In [...]

World Philosophy Day – Online Talks on Stoicism

By celebrating World Philosophy Day each year, on the third Thursday of November, UNESCO underlines the enduring value of philosophy for the development of human thought, for each culture and [...]