The Neoplatonic School

The Neoplatonic School originated in the Egyptian city of Alexandria. This city was the crucible of many different cultural traditions, including Egyptian, Greek, Jewish, Persian and Indian. Alexandria was the intellectual centre of the Mediterranean world and the philosophy of the Neoplatonic School reflected a spirit of renewal, eclecticism and tolerance.

A revival of the Platonic tradition, Neoplatonism also incorporated the significant philosophical developments that had taken place since the original times of Plato and was a fertile meeting ground of Eastern and Western traditions.

Alexandria was a space where philosophy, art, trade and diplomacy could thrive and it gave us numerous philosophers (Plotinus, Hypatia of Alexandria and many others) who left their mark in the collective history of the world.

In this part of the course we will focus on key ideas and theories of one of the earliest proponents of Neoplatonism, the philosopher Plotinus.