Celebrating Earth Day – Free Talks

Series of Free Talks

This year we celebrate Earth Day with free talks and a workshop dedicated to our relationship with nature.

Being a part of nature has been a central topic for human beings throughout time. How can philosophies of antiquity inspire us to engage with this lasting responsibility?


4pm – Irish Trees Symbols, Myths & Folklore

Trees accompanied humanity throughout the ages, providing many commodities but trees also symbolically represented deeper dimensions to life, known in many cultures around the world as the cosmic tree. In ancient Ireland such myths and folk tales were transmitted through the different generations. In this talk, we will uncover some of this ancient knowledge and unravel their profound meaning.

5pm – The Hidden Wisdom of Trees

It was said that if we lost all our knowledge, we would be able to recover it from the “book of wisdom” that is in Nature. This talk delves into the mysterious life of trees, whose genius never ceases to astonish us. Scientists are rediscovering some of that long forgotten knowledge. Trees are social beings living in communities and raising families. They communicate in far more complex ways than we imagined. It’s no wonder that trees have fascinated us since the beginning of time. What can we learn from the timeless wisdom of our forests for modern times?