Course in Philosophy for Living

First Class Free | 14 week course | Starts in September

It is by practising the universal values of philosophy that we can deeply transform ourselves and turn our ideas into action.

The practice of philosophy develops self-confidence, moral strength and resilience to face the difficulties and crises of life. It allows us to become an actor of change in our lives and around us.

More than an academic course, Philosophy for Living teaches students how to practice philosophy as a way of life. As such, the course offers a series of theoretical and practical classes to progress in self-knowledge, to allow us to bring the timeless values of philosophy to bear in the face of our daily circumstances.

This methodology has been universally proposed throughout history as a means of awakening individual authenticity and developing a better way of living together. Only as individuals can we together improve the future, today.

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This event is organised by New Acropolis Dublin

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