Ikebana – The magic of living flowers – Learning to Let Go

Free Practical Workshop

Ikebana is an ancient art of arranging flowers in Japan, called the “way of living flowers.” Its aim is to “make flowers come alive”, expressing an idea or a sentiment. Like in any art, mastering Ikebana requires both technical skill and embodying its essence. True beauty emerges by allowing their natural beauty to become visible by removing what’s unnecessary, beyond our bias.

This workshop will introduce us to the practice of Ikebana but above all its wisdom applicable in daily life. Learning to let go is an art that is essential if we want to improve as human beings. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry famously said, “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” To capture this beauty, one must learn to see things as they are, free from preconceptions or judgments, discerning what’s truly important and letting go of the superficial. While trimming a leaf or stem may seem simple, it demands knowledge and clarity of what to preserve and what to discard. 

Open to all, no experience or equipment needed. Please wear comfortable clothes.