Little Secrets to a Greater Life

According to Confucius & Aristotle | Free Public Talks

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle

According to Aristotle and Confucius, a political community is not just the collection of its members/citizens. It must care about the ‘Good Life’, concerned with the virtue and moral education of its citizens.

They suggest that the realisation of the highest in the human being cannot be separated from the attainment of the common good.

Both reflected that the foundation of a just and well-functioning collectivity is built on virtues like ‘ren’ (goodness, altruism) and ‘arete’ (moral strength). As such, the seed of a just collectivity, inspired by the common good, flourishes through the development of each individual.

In these talks, we will explore how two of the greatest ancient philosophers, of both East and West can help us address the ethical and socio-political issues of our time.