World Philosophy Day – Practices For The Inner Self

The Power of Silence | Inspired By Tibetan Buddhism

Practices For The Inner Self
The Power of Silence
Philosophical Practices Inspired By Tibetan Buddhism

Free Talk

Ancient traditions found it important to discern what is essential from what is superficial. In Tibet we find the teaching of the two paths, one of the Heart and another of the Eye. It teaches us that a human being constantly has to chose between what is superficial (external) and essential (internal) in their daily life. They also say that to discover depth, to build a profound relationship with ourselves, others and life that is meaningful, we need to develop inner life, and not remain at the surface of things. Without inner life it is hard to give meaning and vision to our lives, to improve as a human being, know our potential and challenges, and leave positive impact on others.

This talk will introduce us to these ancient teachings and to some philosophical practices on how to apply it in our daily lives.