The Symbolic Psychology of Jung

Free Talk - The Symbolic Psychology of Jung

From Dreams to Myths, from Alchemy to Synchronicity – few figures of the 20th century delved into the realms of the symbolic psyche quite like Carl Gustav Jung.

Psychology is often understood only as a science but it is a science of the soul and there is a human component which goes beyond the rational. It is an aspect which is deeply related to the inner workings of the human being.

To consider the intangible dimension is to give voice to the imagination, intuition, the realm of dreams and archetypes. It is to understand the language of the soul, which we can compare to the language of symbolism.

Is the symbolic reconcilable with the scientific? Or are these two world views mutually exclusive? The traditional philosopher would suggest that they are complimentary and it is essential to learn to relate to them both, for a more holistic understanding of the human condition.

Join us as we explore the rich dimension of symbolism uniquely captured by the writings of this renowned psychologist.