World Philosophy Day – Philosophical Practices

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Philosophical Practices Рaccording to Ancient Tradition 
Free Talk | Practical Exercises

Why talk about philosophical practices today, which were often described as spiritual exercises?

The ancients were quick to understand what the problems of human beings have always been. They understood that there is an external and an internal human being and sometimes we find it hard to connect them together in a coherent, harmonious way of living.

The ancient schools of philosophy inspire us, because philosophers already laid the foundations and asked the big questions that we still have today. At the same time, they give us practical advice for everyday living.

The ancient philosophers have confidence in the human being but did not idolise them. They knew what our weaknesses were, and also our strengths. The purpose of these exercises or practices was to build one’s own destiny, to go beyond the vision of things dominated by individual passion, and to achieve a more objective and universal vision by surpassing oneself and building a new way of being in the world.