Note from the Editor

As we set off into a post-lockdown world, amidst the challenges and obstacles of the past several months, glorious tales of selfless everyday heroes have emerged across the globe, inviting us to celebrate the human spirit, the indomitable human potential to reach for goodness and altruism. These were perhaps a glimpse of a different paradigm of human civilization, rising not through legislation of economic, ecological, or policy regulations, but by reviving timeless human values, our most sacred and ancient treasure.

Let the inner dignity and courage of a Samurai Warrior become our prized armor with which to face the uncertain times which lie ahead. Grace and discipline might characterize our approach in this seemingly new dance of life. While perseverance and responsibility, as of an ecologist, might reveal the sincerity of our resilience.

As the illuminating fireflies announce the arrival of a nourishing monsoon, and the wolf’s howl invites the silver light of the moon to kiss the Earth, so too perhaps it is the time for philosophers and idealists to sound the clarion, rekindling hope in the innermost recesses of the heart.

Let us dare to Discover our inner strength, Awaken to the opportunity of our times, and Transform our world.

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