Concentration & Confidence

According to Tibetan Buddhism | Free Public Talk

Concentration & Confidence 
– According to Tibetan Buddhism | 7.30pm

Concentration is the key to the mastery of speed. In martial arts, as we learn to be more concentrated, we perceive our adversary’s movements to be slower despite their unchanged speed. This principle extends beyond combat, influencing our daily lives characterised by rapidity and stress, that only exist in the measure that we focus on them.

With concentration, everything slows down.

Learning to place our consciousness inside, and not outside is simply a question of learning and practice. Outside events don’t change and our control over those events is limited or non-existent. It is the change inside us that produces the change in our relationship to those events.

In Tibetan Buddhism they speak of six Paramitas, or six moral qualities we need to awaken within ourselves if we want to build a strong foundation of confidence. First we need to cultivate an inner attitude of generosity, followed by discipline, diligence, concentration and finally wisdom. To strengthen our confidence it seems that we need to develop a network of inner qualities through reflection and practice.

In the 17th century, Lama Blo-bzang Don-yod drew a diagram of a seeker accompanied by three symbolic elements to invite us to discover in simple terms the path of consciousness according to the oral teachings of Tibetan Buddhism.

Join us as we discover the profound wisdom of ancient Tibetan teachings and simple practices to help us strengthen our concentration in daily life.