Open Day – Celebrating Philosophy & Art

Free Event

Saturday, 30th September & Sunday, 01st October from 11.30am

It has been 9 years since we first opened our doors in Rathmines, time has flown by and we now would like to celebrate philosophy as a daily practice in this Open Doors event with roundtable discussions, practical workshops and exhibitions – all under the umbrella of Philosophy & Art.

Art has long been a means to express and perceive universal values of beauty and harmony by finding an expression to unite opposites, like light and darkness, sounds and silences or movement and stillness.

And the artist, like the philosopher, finds a way to make the invisible visible or perceivable, whether in paintings, sculptures, music, dance, poetry and so much more. Art is a facet of philosophy as to express beauty outside, we need to find and uncover it within. Art gives expression to the culture of different civilisations and lets us understand their vision of the world and their essence.

Join us for a weekend full of celebration of the search for Wisdom through Philosophy & Art.

Schedule for Saturday & Sunday

11.30am: Open doors

12.00pm: Ask a Philosopher

1.30pm: Music workshop

3.00pm: Ask a Philosopher

4.30pm: Ikebana workshop

“Ask a Philosopher” –  Roundtable and talk

Have a cup of tea and a chat with a philosopher and ask a question you’ve never dared ask! As an interactive session, this dynamic Q&A event will be based on audience participation. Together we will explore themes of meaning; happiness, how to live together better, challenges and opportunities of modern times and more! The audience will be able to formulate specific questions they can then ask to an experienced philosopher. The answers will focus on practical keys to help us engage differently with life. No one has all the answers, but together we can come one step closer to the truth.


Ikebana (45 minutes)

Ikebana is the mysterious Japanese art of flower arrangement that searches for harmony of beauty and action – through flowers and in our character. In this short workshop we will discover how to create an Ikebana arrangement but also some ideas that make it an art of living.

Music & Singing (30 minutes, kids welcome!)

No musical experience required! In this exciting music workshop we will work with group rhythms, collective vocal exercises and lots of games. All this within a motivating, family friendly atmosphere.

(Kids from 5 years and older, accompanied by their parents.)

  • Interesting facts about Rathmines
  • History of New Acropolis in Ireland
  • Mini Exhibitions of classical paintings

In classical paintings we admire the mastery and craftsmanship it required to create them and the imagination of the artist to conceive of them. In these mini-exhibitions we will offer some philosophical keys of interpretation for famous paintings of eastern and western tradition.