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Art has long been a means to express and perceive universal values of beauty and harmony by finding an expression to unite opposites, like light and darkness, sounds and silences or movement and stillness. And the artist, like the philosopher, finds a way to make the invisible visible or perceivable, whether in paintings, sculptures, music, dance, poetry and so much more. Art is a facet of philosophy as to express beauty outside, we need to find and uncover it within. Art gives expression to the culture of different civilisations and lets us understand their vision of the world and their essence.

Join us for an afternoon of with various events to discover more about the strong link between Art and Philosophy.


At 2.30pm Practical Workshops


The Mona Lisa, Starry Night or Raphael’s School of Athens. Great artists have created timeless paintings which are admired around the world. While owning the originals is next to impossible and replicas can be a bit to large, we can create our own small versions to take with us and decorate our homes with.

Through a technique called picture transfer almost any image can be transferred onto a piece of wood or MDF.

Come and join us for this 1.5h workshop and take home a little piece of art with you.

Materials and images will be provided, however if you would like to bring your own pictures, please feel free to do so. They will have to be printed with a LaserJet printer onto regular paper and shouldn’t be bigger than a regular postcard (15cm x 10cm). The image needs to be flipped horizontally and ideally there is no white in it as this may lead to the other colours bleeding into it.


In mythology, Athena the goddess of wisdom is said to have passed the art of embroidery to humanity. It is an ancient art, which has been practiced all over the world. We will discover a bit more as we try some simple and more complex stitches.


At 4pm Talk: Beauty that unites

  • How can art become a channel of the archetype of Beauty?
  • How can the artist become an educator who inspires others to transform?
  • How can art become a pillar of culture that unites?
The language of art has adapted with the currents of time, yet its purpose has always been to awaken something in the human being so it can be seen. In classical times art sought to awaken a profound sense of beauty in the observer, to experience harmony, so we can reimagine again an enchanted world.
Imagination is a powerful strength within the human being that allows us to see the potential of what can become. What we can imagine we can enact and build. In this free talk we’ll explore more of these questions and why art matters in our pragmatic times.




Mandalas symbolize unity, harmony, and the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. Join us in an interactive activity to create a Mandala together out of natural, everyday materials.


Photo Exhibition 

An exhibition on the search for Beauty and Unity in and around us.


There will also be refreshments, coffee, tea and snacks.

We look forwards to seeing you there!

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