Buddhism and Science

Free Online Event

The Dharma of Science – A New Metaphor of Nature

Scientists over the last few decades have started to rediscover a new vision of life, similar to the idea of Dharma, which the Buddhists talked about thousands of years ago.

This new vision is one where there is an underlying unity and intelligence within and between everything in nature.  Where nature is no longer described using the metaphor of a mechanical clock but as an intelligent organism.

How this came about will be explored along with the implications at the individual and collective level.

According to Evolutionary Psychology, we were not designed to see the world clearly and we struggle to live in a constantly changing environment that influences our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Buddhism already addresses these challenges for the last two millennia. 

How to see the world more clearly with Science and Buddhism?

In this talk, we will discuss how Evolutionary Psychology and Buddhism converge in the idea that our perception can deceive us, how that is related to human suffering and, ultimately, how understanding that can help us to be more in charge of ourselves and our actions.