Initiation and the Master-Disciple Relationship, by Blavatsky

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In her book “The Voice of the Silence”, the esotericist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky transmits to us a singular method: that of initiation, as it was practiced in the pre-Buddhist tradition.

This spiritual path is that of the “inner voice”, of that which can only be heard by the inner being. It leads to the abandonment of a life centred on materiality if one wants to live their own spiritual dimension. This is experienced by passing through three halls; the hall of ignorance, that of learning and the hall of wisdom.

Even if the disciple is educated and accompanied by a Master, it is they alone who go through the trials. The goal of this spiritual path is not power, but to gradually transfer awareness of the human being from its corruptible and material nature, to its incorruptible and eternal nature.