The Hidden Meaning of Dreams – C. G. Jung

Free Online Talk

What inspired C.G. Jung to courageously advance the study of dreams? Why do our dreams matter? Jung understood dreams to be “impartial, spontaneous messages of our unconscious psyche, showing us an unvarnished natural truth.” Through the study of dreams he discovered the collective unconscious and its archetypes. 

Their mysterious and obscure nature often makes it feel like our dreams don’t belong to us, and yet still, they tell us, in a symbolic language, the hidden truths about ourselves. “Big” dreams leave an unforgettable imprint on an individual, so much so that the people of the past regarded them to be messages from the gods or ancestors. Their obscurity and irrationality is necessary to bypass judgements and filters of our ego – so we can hear the truths of the Self.

The Jungian study of dreams goes beyond the Freudian understanding of dreams as products of repressed wishes. In this talk we’ll explore this holistic understanding of dreams, which opens the door to a deeper and more intuitive self-knowledge. Join us as we discover what we can learn from our dreams, and how these truths can aid in our own process of individuation.