Inner Strength – a Remedy for the Chaos of Modern Society

Free Online Talk

Increasingly we find the social upheaval we’re experiencing is effecting our daily lives. Confusion, division, aggression, tribalism – these conditions of chaos we can see all around us make it more and more difficult to navigate the natural challenges of life.

It is not the first time in history humanity has found itself struggling to make sense of things but the challenges of modern society, fuelled by social media and existential crisis pose a distinct challenge – and opportunity – for us today.

As social chaos is not new, the remedy proposed by the wisdom of humanity is not new either. It remains the art of developing inner strength, to cultivate autonomy and independence in order to be serene and confident in our actions, in our state of mind and in our relations with others.

This talk will focus on key concepts of uprightness, rectitude and fortitude as tools to help develop inner strength, drawing from the ancient wisdom of the Stoics, the Samurai and more. The emphasis will be on a practical method of self development, easily applied to daily life.